10 Golf Resolutions

Janus was the Roman god of doors, choices, and beginnings and endings. An odd-looking deity, he’s depicted with two faces, one looking ahead and the other back. The month of January is named after him for obvious reasons, and since we’re nearing 2018, this a great time to channel our inner Janus and make some new golfing resolves. I know we all want to lose ten pounds, or break 90, 80 or 70, but those targets aren’t always attainable. Let’s take a look at some practical goals that you can actually stick with, and get you having the most fun you’ve ever had out on the course.


  1. No gimmies:

By all means, give them away freely, but don’t give yourself any putts all year. Your touch will improve tremendously, and you’ll have ice in your veins when you’re forced to make that downhill 3-footer on hole 8 of the derby.

  1. Walk more:

I get it, time is money and carts are awesome, but golf is meant to be played walking.    

  1. Play a course you’ve never played before:

It doesn’t have to be extravagant (although Pebble would be nice), but resolve to go somewhere and play a brand-new (for you) course.

  1. Compete:

If you’ve never played in an event, get a handicap and try. Tournament golf is completely different than casual golf, and you won’t know anything about your game until you compete. It’s fine if you just like playing alone, but get out of your comfort zone and test yourself at least once this year.

  1.  Always play for something:

It doesn’t have to be money.

  1. Find your game:

In the spring, play a one-person scramble, then do it again in the fall (this will show you your potential and how much you’ve improved). Play a round conservatively, where your only goal is to not lose your ball for the entire round. Then play aggressively, going for every pin and hitting driver every hole. Play a round as fast as possible, then really take your time on each shot (preferably when the course is empty). Try one round where you don’t care at all, and one where you care way too much. Your best golf lies somewhere between the extremes. The trick is finding it.

  1. Go to a Tour event:

TV doesn’t do it justice. Watch the best in the world play in-person at least once this year.

  1. For one week (at least), practice nothing but short game:

The great equalizer. Remember, you can have a great short game and not be a great golfer, but you can’t be a great golfer without a great short game.

  1. Resolve to get in some form of shape:

Gyms exist because of New Year’s resolutions. If you’re like me, you’ve often flaked out on a new exercise or nutrition program by the time February hits. Generally, the reason is because we try to do too much at one time. This year, take it easier on yourself and make it simple. Whether it’s walking, jogging, weights and/or yoga, find something you 100% know you can stick with and have time for, even if it’s just a few days a week. Your body, mind, spouse and golf game will thank you for it.

  1. Be a happy golfer:

Remember, golf is more than just score. It’s about finding yourself through a game. It’s about making friends and having laughs. It’s about testing yourself under pressure. Ask yourself why you golf, and answer truthfully. There’s no wrong reply, but it’s an important question to ask if you’re going to play.


Let’s resolve to make 2018 the best golf season ever. Happy New Year!