A Tournament Golf Spiel and the 2019 Event Calendar

Here’s the thing: If you’re a golfer and don’t play tournament golf, you’re missing out. There’s no better way to improve and test your game than competing. Tournament golf gives you something to practice and prepare for. It puts you under pressure. It challenges your mental state and makes you strategize in ways casual golf does not (especially after the inevitable first hole triple bogey).

Often those who are reluctant to compete play one event and are hooked for life. Let’s resolve to make 2019 the year you play at least one golf tournament. Test yourself and your game. See what it feels like to have to make a downhill 4-footer to win your flight. Endure the pressure when your teammate hits it OB and you have to put one in play. Experience what it’s like to pull off a miracle shot in front of a crowd. Most of all, have fun with it. These events aren’t The Masters, but they will teach you something about yourself, and the more tournaments you play the easier they get.

Now that you’ve read that little spiel, our 2019 Event Calendar is officially here!  We’ve added a couple new Hart Ranch tournaments and have a BIG SDGA event coming at the beginning of June (yes, if you’re reading this and you’re a man, you should play. See above). Here are a few of the highlights for the upcoming golf season.

*March 16th or 23rd – Spring Shamble (2 Person Shamble, 18 Holes)

*April 20th or 27th – Sand Green Open (New, Individual Stroke Play, Old Club Division, 18 Holes)

*May 25th – Hart Ranch Open (New, Individual Stroke Play, 18 Holes)

*May 28th – Men’s League Starts

*May 30th – Ladies’ League Starts

^June 8th – 9th – SDGA Two-Man Championship (2 Man Four-Ball and Chapman, 36 Holes)

*June 22nd – Hart Ranch Best Ball (2 Person Best Ball, 18 Holes)

*July 20th-21st – Spring Creek Classic (2 Person Best Ball, Chapman, Alternate Shot, Scramble, 36 Holes)

*August 4th – Hart Ranch Couples (2 Person, Chapman, 18 Holes)

*August 17th – 18th – Hart Ranch Club Championship (Individual Stroke Play, 36 Holes)

*September 14th– Retribution of the Ranch – (4 Person Scramble, 18 Holes)

*October 12th – 13th – Gary Gross Memorial 3-Stick (Individual Stroke Play, 3 Clubs Only, 18 or 36 Holes)

*October 26th – Heaven & Hell (2 Person Scramble, 18 Holes)

*Hart Ranch Tournament

^State Tournament

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. There are plenty of opportunities to play some competitive golf this year. Registration for these tournaments and leagues will open soon, so keep an eye on your email/Facebook. We’re looking forward to another awesome tournament season, and hope you play as many Hart Ranch events as you’re able. Happy golfing!