Hart Ranch Active Club

A Summer Running and Speed Golf Club down in the Hart Ranch Valley.

Running and Walking Activities:

Group runs every Saturday morning starting at 7am. Starting in July and ending in September, first day yet to be determined.  Based on participation this can be extended.

Start at the Hart Ranch Golf Course parking lot and run a 3K, 5K or 10K. All ages and abilities welcome, runner or walkers. 3K and 5K course will be run on the jogging path, between the Golf Course Entrance and Arena Drive. The 10K route will incorporate a loop around the Hart Ranch Camping Resort Club.  We will try and incorporate some alternate routes if possible, but these three have been established for the 2019 season.

Speed Golfing:

Speed Golf starts at 7:00 am Sunday mornings, starting in July, first day yet to be determined.  All golfers should arrive not later than 6:45.  We will then go off in waves starting with the faster paced golfers.  You must call the golf shop to sign-up by the Thursday in order to be guaranteed a spot.  605-341-5703 or email brett@hartranch.com.

What the heck is speed golf? 

Well, very basically you will play 9 holes of golf and add the total time it took for you to play AND the number of shots you took to play the holes.   For example, if it took you 45 shots to complete the 9-holes and it took you 30 minutes to complete, your speed golf score would be 75 (45 shots + 30 min).  You will carry only a few clubs with you,.  You choose what you want to play with, and how to carry your clubs, but less is more in this game.  If you don’t with to run, you may also use a Fat Tire Mountain Bike should you have one.  Other rules to help you get around the course are as follows:

  • Everyone Play from our Forward Most Tees
  • All native grass areas are played as penalty areas.  If you hit it into the tall grass, you do NOT go in looking for it, you drop where it crossed under the penalty of 1 stroke.
  • If you just can’t find your ball in the maintained grass, you simple drop another ball where you believe it to be under the penalty of 2 min.

To participate:

Just show up for the runs or book your speed golf time.  You can also, join the Hart Ranch Active group on Strava, if you wish, not required.  Below some instructions on how to join that group on Strava.

    1. Download the Strava app from your app store.
    2. In the app under Clubs search “Hart Ranch Active.”
    3. Request to Join the Club
    4. Club Event and News will be posted on the app.
    5. There is NO COST to participate in any of the organized runs on Saturday.  If you wish to play Speed Golf Sunday mornings, that cost is $10 per person, each Sunday you play.  If you are already a Hart Ranch Golf Course member, then Speed Golf rounds are also FREE.

You do not need to participate in any of the organized activities if they don’t fit into your schedule.  Come to one, none, or them all.  We just want to create a community of active individuals looking for some motivation, support and accountability to go that “extra mile.”  Dad JOKE…hehe