To our Membership family and Patrons of Hart Ranch Golf Course,

This is an updated statement regarding Golf Course Operations at Hart Ranch effective 3/38/2020.  These modifications will remain in effect for the foreseeable future and were made to better align with the latest CDC recommendations, industry leading best practices, and the continued safety of our members, patrons, and team members.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  It is up to ALL of us to keep golf a safe outdoor activity.  We urge you to please read, understand, and follow all of these modifications to operations and play.  Access to safe outdoor recreation has never been more important than now.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

Operational Modifications:

  • The Clubhouse will remain open for the use of the bathroom facilities.
  • The Golf Shop can be made available for specific merchandise purchases when requested through a team member.
  • Check-in will be done outside the clubhouse.
  • You will be asked to read and acknowledge the “Modified rules of play,” at the time of check-in.
  • We will not be accepting cash at this time. Please bring a credit or debit card.  These can be saved to your account for future purchases.
  • The TrackMan Simulator room will be closed.
  • Tee times are to be made online when at all possible.
  • You will be asked to pre-pay when you book your tee-time to limit unnecessary contact upon check-in.
  • Golf Cart – 1 Cart per person, unless family members living together.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: With a limited number of golf carts, we ask that if you can walk, please do so.  This will ensure access to golf carts for those that NEED them.
  • Golf carts to be sanitized after each use.
  • Private Golf Carts will be allowed under the same 1 cart per person restriction, as stated above.
  • Tee time will be spaced 15 mins a part.
  • Please arrive as close to your scheduled tee-time as possible.
  • No more than 4 players will be allowed per tee time.
  • Limited packaged foods and drinks will be available.
  • All rental push carts, rental clubs, and demo clubs will be unavailable.
  • The outside driving range will be setup in stations to allow for appropriate social distancing.
  • Driving range balls will not be bagged, you will find them arranged in each station.
  • Hand bunker rakes will be removed from the course. Bunkers will be machine raked as needed.
  • No water stations or ball washers will be available.
  • Coolers and sand/seed bottles will be removed from the golf carts.
  • Scorecards and pencils are available upon request.
  • On course bathrooms will remain closed at this time.

Modified Rules of Play:

  • Those that are sick or at risk should stay home.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Limit touching of the face, including your mouth, nose, lips or eyes, as much as possible.
  • Observe social distancing always while on course, stay 6 feet apart.
  • Golfers are required to leave the flag sticks in the cups during play. 3’ Putts are good.
  • Refrain from touching another players equipment during play. (Golf Clubs, Golf Balls, etc.)
  • Only one group on a Tee Box at one time.
  • Always maintain a 50-yard minimum distance between the group in front of you.
  • Bunker Play – Players are encouraged to smooth surface of bunkers with foot before and after play. You may place the ball.
  • Golfers should suspend the practice of shaking hands and hugging. As an alternative, we recommend a friendly nod, a tip of your cap, or a simple wave as a form of greeting or sportsmanship.

In addition to the above we have internally adopted strict hygiene and sanitizing practices in alignment with CDC recommendations.  Your safety is and will remain our #1 priority.

We appreciate you,
Dustin, Adam and Brett