The Simulator…First Observations


As some of you are aware, we got the long-anticipated simulator up-and-running last Friday. A big thanks to those who came to give it a test run this weekend, as there were a few predictable kinks to work out. All-in-all, everything is working swimmingly and it’s a great way to get some swings in while we wait for springtime. Here are some quick observations after opening weekend:


The SkyTrak is accurate:


I’ve now hit hundreds of shots on the simulator, and have yet to see anything really out of place as far as numbers are concerned. After a 3-month layoff, there were some horrible shots at the beginning, and the SkyTrak (ST) managed to read them well (unfortunately). There are the rare shots that won’t register, but they’re generally due to extremely low spin rates where the ST can’t see the ball. Also, driver clubhead speed seems to be spot on, but every now and then you’ll see a strange reading on iron clubhead speed. This is probably due to contact with mat on fat shots. Overall, I haven’t seen anything off with distance, curvature or overall ball flight (the essential things you want out of a launch monitor). The ST will definitely give you authentic stats on your shots.


The mat gives good feedback:


Golf mats have come a long way from the “green concrete” slabs that used to adorn driving ranges (they would allow you to hit a few inches behind the ball and still get a good result). While it won’t necessarily replace grass, this mat gives you a better fairway-type feel and doesn’t leave green plastic residue on your irons. It will give you a reliable sense of actual golf and make your ballstriking better where the older mats could make you worse.


It’s more fun with people:


Indoor golf is at it’s best when you’re competing with some friends. We’re certainly looking forward to getting the software in this week (Feb. 13th-17th), with 15 world-famous courses including Torrey Pines, Pinehurst #2 and Bethpage Black (among others). This weekend we were only playing target golf (kind of like darts) and closest-to-the-pin competitions and it was a blast.  We’ll be posting updates on our Facebook page as soon as the software arrives, so be sure to get a group together to come out and play!
Depending on how things work out, we may get a simulator tee sheet up on the website. For now, please call us at (605) 341-5703 to reserve your time. The cost will be $10 per player per hour for members and $20 for non-members once the courses are available. Since the weather is looking good this week, if the snow melts  and it’s not horribly muddy we will be opening the driving range and possibly some holes for walking. Hope to see you at Hart Ranch GC soon!