Golf Course/Driving Range Update 3/19

Finally! It looks like we’re going to have some decent weather in the upcoming week (a little rainy this weekend unfortunately), so you’re probably wondering when we’re going to get a chance to open. Let’s take a look:

As you can see we’re still pretty snow covered. The ground underneath is solidly frozen, so when all the snow melts we’re going to have standing water for a few days. Chances are we’re looking at early next week to get the driving range open, as long as we don’t get more snow.

Obviously we’re going to do everything we can to open as soon as possible. Per usual we’ll probably get some holes open on the Front 9 for walking, then progress to carts on 1-13 when we can. As you know, the Back 9 always takes awhile (especially 14-16), and getting carts up the 15 path and down 16 is a challenge with the snow.

Be sure to stay tuned to your email and Facebook as we’ll be sending out updates. We are still going to try to play the Spring Shamble at some point in early April, and hopefully the Sand Green Open as well. The first Get Golf Ready session starts April 3rd (now with EXOS!), and barring any unforeseen weather it looks like a go. We’re looking forward to getting the season rolling…see you at Hart Ranch!