Course Update April 3rd

Well, there’s an unfortunately familiar sight…snow on the ground. Luckily, it’s about the heaviest, wettest snow possible, and it will be gone quickly. It does mean the course will be soggy for the next day or two, but with the warm temps coming up this weekend we should be playing (at least 1-13) again shortly.

If you’re a regular at Hart, you know it takes awhile for 14-16 to clear off. Right now there are still drifts on 15 and a large chunk of ice on 16, making it impossible for carts to go down the path. We’re as ready as you are to get all 18 open and get rolling on the season, so stay tuned to your email and Facebook for updates. Remember, we have The Spring Shamble coming up on Saturday, April 13th (weather permitting), so be sure to sign up soon.

Let’s go Mother Nature, we’re ready for outdoor golf!