Golf Gift Ideas

Ever hear the term “deadweight loss?” It’s used by economists when talking about the waste inherent with Christmas gift-giving. For example, if you buy the golfer in your life a flamingo fedora for $45, but said golfer would have only paid $10 themselves, you have a deadweight loss of $35. Obviously this is common, and economists estimate that $63.5 – $210 billion of such value is lost each Christmas season.

Lucky for us, we’re not economists, we’re golfers. If we’re only concerned about the value of our gift(s), we’re probably not really practicing the spirit of the season. What we can do is give our fellow golfers something they might actually use, all the while showing how much we appreciate them.  Christmas isn’t a financial transaction, it’s a way to show your gratitude for the people you love.

Enough ranting…onto the list!

  1. Membership

Experiential gifts are often better than material gifts. When you buy someone a membership, they get the full golf experience, rather than just a driver they’re going to throw in the pond. They’ll undoubtedly appreciate being able to play whenever they want, and chances are they’ll make a lot of new friends along the way. This may cost more than your average gift, but there’s really no better present for an avid golfer.

Membership Options and Benefits at Hart Ranch GC

  1. Gift Card(s)

Perfect when you have no idea what to get, gift cards are more sentimental than cash and can be used for EVERYTHING at Hart Ranch, including golf, simulator, merchandise, lessons, food and drink. Instead of gifting that outdated Hawaiian polo they’ll never wear, get a gift card. You and the recipient will be glad you did.

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  1. Golf Lessons

We all know someone who needs them! Hart Ranch offers a variety of lessons, from clinics to junior golf to one-on-one series and fittings. We also offer lessons on the simulator so the golfer in your life can keep their swing in tune over the winter. Give us a jingle at (605) 341-5703 and we’ll be happy to help you out.

See Dustin or Jared for Lesson Availability

  1. All Kinds of Other Cool Things

There’s no shortage of awesome stuff in golf. Clubs (although we highly recommend scheduling a fitting if you’re going to purchase clubs for someone), training aids, rangefinders, apps, office putting greens, you name it. Check out this list from Golf Digest, or stop in the shop during our Christmas Sale (Dec. 8-10th and 15-17th) where we’ll have big discounts on all merchandise.  Have a great holiday season and we look forward to seeing you at Hart Ranch!