If you’ve played Hart Ranch recently, you’ll notice a little change on Hole 6. The immense tree that has claimed the lives of so many flying orbs has been amputated. She still stands, dispatching quick hooks and slices into the void, but she’s become a little less intimidating. The oft-battered branch that hung over the left side of the fairway and threatened every low ball hitter has been chopped down and burned in effigy.

It’s been said that Hole 6 is where Hart Ranch becomes challenging (although I can tell you there are plenty of places you don’t want to find your ball on Holes 1-5), and it’s no different now. We just wanted to give you a little better chance if you hit a quacker off the tee.

So here’s to you, Hole 6 tree. I’ve personally hit you 2,893 times (but who’s counting?), yet you still manage to endure. You’ve survived countless bad shots, Atlas and other Dakota tempests, and you’ll survive many more. We’re sorry to take a piece of you, but we’re glad we did. I’m sure I’ll hit you again soon. Until next time.