How Do You Practice?

Do you hit 5, 10, or even 20 shots in a row with the same club?

Is driver the first club you take out of the bag?

When you hit a bad shot, do you immediately scrape over another ball and try to hit a better one?

Does it take you 10 minutes to hit a large bag or bucket of range balls?

Do you always have a target?

If so, does your target ever change?

Ever hear of alignment sticks, or at least clubs on the ground?

How about a practice station?

Do you only hit shots you’re comfortable with?

Do you only use the clubs you’re comfortable with?

Do you only aim at targets you’re comfortable with?

Do you ever try to hit it low, high, left, right, draw, fade, hook or slice?

Do you ever hit balls out of divots?

How about out of the sand, e.g. our driving range bunker?

Do you ever practice your pre-shot routine?

How about your post-shot routine?

Does your practice look or feel anything like playing on the actual course?

Do you hit a lot of shots on the range but fail to see your score drop?

The thing is, you don’t have to hit balls for hours upon hours to get better at this game. The #1 rule when on the range is quality over quantity. Join us from 12-1:30pm on Saturday, April 28th for our Practice Clinic, where we’ll go over the best ways to practice, so you don’t waste your time and money. Click here to sign up. See you at Hart Ranch!