You may have heard rumors that indoor golf is coming to Hart Ranch…because indoor golf is coming to Hart Ranch!


We recently ordered a SkyTrak launch monitor, software and a net that will be arriving next week . We’re hoping to be up-and-running by Wednesday or Thursday (Feb. 8th or 9th), but we’ll be sure to keep you posted should anything change. This will be a great opportunity for you to hone your swing before the thaw hits and we’re out playing real golf.


We’ll get a simulator tee sheet up on the website shortly, or you can call us at (605) 341-5703. You can book up to four people for an hour at a time ($10/hr. per player for members, $20/hr. for non-members). At the beginning our hours will be 2pm-8pm on weekdays, and 12pm-8pm on weekends. We’ll also have 15 different courses to choose from in the software. Here are a few tips on indoor golf so you’re ready to go next week!


  1. Your swing may change:


When you’re not out in the open expanse of the course or range, your swing tends to be a little tentative at first. We have plenty of room and tall ceilings in the clubhouse, so you won’t need to worry about hitting anything, but be prepared to hit a few squirrely shots until you get used to swinging inside. Also, if you’ve been in Rapid all winter, you definitely haven’t had a chance to play much.


  1.   Short game is…interesting:


Anyone who’s played indoor golf knows that putting is a little tricky. You can’t feel the slopes of the greens with your feet, and while the software tries to help as much as possible, it’s difficult to feel how far a ball will roll while putting into a net. We’ll generally set gimmies to 10-12 feet to speed up play and relieve aggravation.


  1.   Get used to the time difference:


I haven’t had a chance to play on this particular software yet, but much like when you’re on the range, the biggest difference is the time you take between shots. It shouldn’t be too difficult for a foursome to finish a round in an hour as you don’t have to search for wayward drives or walk/ride to your ball. Give yourself a second to settle into your routine as you would during a normal round.


  1.   Don’t worry about results:


We got this simulator for one reason (well, maybe two): to add to our patron’s experience at Hart Ranch. We want you to have a way to practice and play during the off-season, so you’ll be in midseason form when we really start golfing in spring. Be prepared, however, to see some different numbers than you may be used to (especially distance-wise). Camera-based launch monitors read shots at sea-level, and we often overestimate how far we hit the ball (the monitor is rarely wrong unless something looks WAY off). Indoor golf is a great time if we don’t get too caught up in score and have the opportunity to knock some rust off.  
It has been a loooong winter. If you’re as golf-starved as we are, swing out to Hart Ranch for some much-needed play and beverages. Hope to see you next week!