My Last Blog Post

To My Four Loyal Readers:

As you may or may not know, my last day at Hart Ranch GC is this Friday, May 17th. I’ve decided to make a transition in life and will be moving on to chase a dream or two. It wasn’t an easy decision to leave such an awesome place. I just wanted to say how much I’ve appreciated my time at Hart Ranch, and especially all of you. It was an amazing 3+ years, and I’ll never forget nor regret the time I spent at Hart.

Here are a few final parting thoughts for you.

Best Swing Tip

Learn to swing THROUGH the ball, not AT it. This is the trickiest part of golf but learning to SWING rather than HIT will instantly make you better, no matter the flaws you have. Hit the ball with your practice swing (much easier said than done) and you’ll be well on your way.

Best Swing Drill

There are a ton of wacky drills out there, and depending on your flaws they’re all viable. If you’re ever off track, go to the range and hit 30-40 shots with your feet together. When you do, don’t just swing your arms, try to rotate your body also (but be sure to keep your balance). Once you’re making consistently good contact you’re on your way to getting your swing back.

Best Short Game Tip

Soft hands. These are touch shots. Don’t grip it tight. Also, practice a lot (see below).

Best Putting Tip

Putt. A lot. A lot more than you do now. Practice almost all of your putting from 6 feet and in and 20 feet and out. Challenge yourself to practice your short game more than your full swing for a month and watch your scores plummet. Also easier said than done.

Best Mental Game Tip

It’s easy, especially after taking a lesson or watching golf tips on YouTube for 3 straight hours to get bogged down in mechanics. That stuff is for the driving range. If you’re on the course and constantly thinking about when to hinge your wrists, or where your lead elbow is, or how to rotate your hips you’re probably not going to play well.

Next time you play, try shifting your focus. When you’re over the ball, look at the target and keep that image in your mind as you swing. Try thinking of the ball flying with the ProTracer like you see on TV. Relax your jaw or concentrate on keeping the same grip pressure all the way into the follow-through. Hum your favorite song. There are a ton of little tricks you can use to get out of your own way. We play golf ladies and gents, not golf swing.

Incorrect Major Predictions

PGA Championship – Rory McIlroy

U.S. Open – Tommy Fleetwood

The Open – Xander Schauffele

FedEx Cup – DJ

Hopefully I’ll see y’all around Hart again soon. It has been an absolute pleasure being your Assistant Pro. Fairways and greens everyone, and as always, Happy Golfing!