One Final Derby

We just wanted to write a quick note thanking all of you who participated in the Friday Night Derby this year. Due to the way the earth orbits around the sun, tonight will be our last Friday Derby of the year (we’ll have another after the Spring Creek Classic).

Although many of us are used to playing team events like scrambles, they offer very little pressure compared to the Derby. Alternate shot is one of the toughest formats in golf, as you and your partner must find a way to navigate through 10+ teams with one ball. We’ve had tremendous highs (a father and his 10-year-old daughter winning) and severe lows (me missing a two-foot putt on 16 to lose).

The Derby is a little more like team sports than regular stroke-play or even scramble golf. There’s an added element of pressure due to not wanting to let your partner down, and also added triumph when you hit a really good shot. It starts out loud and boisterous, and becomes increasingly quiet as we progress through the holes and tension mounts. In my humble opinion, there’s not a better format in golf.

If you’re interested, give us a call or stop out around 5pm. The Derby begins at 5:30, and we have a discount for non-members. Again, thank you all for playing this year. We’re excited to keep it rolling next season!