The Trackman Cometh

Besides the fairly recent revolution in golf ball and club design, nothing has changed the game of golf more than launch monitor technology. We’re proud to announce that we have acquired Trackman, widely recognized as the most advanced launch monitor in the world. Used by tour pros, instructors and amateurs around the globe, nothing has advanced the understanding of why the golf ball flies the way it does quite like Trackman.

Obviously, we’re excited. In the coming weeks, we will schedule demo days where you can hit shots on Trackman to get your numbers. It will also be available for certain lessons and clubfittings, giving you exact details on why you’re hitting that monster slice or hook. When the cold weather inevitably hits (ugh) we will move Trackman inside. There will be more information to follow as we iron out details, so stay tuned.

If you’d like to further your understanding, we highly suggest visiting, where you can get a free, in-depth education on everything our new launch monitor offers. We’re looking forward to making your golf game better than ever. Updates will follow soon ladies and gents…let’s have some fun!