The TrackMan Simulator

If you’ve stepped inside the Hart Ranch Pro Shop lately, you’ve noticed some big changes. We’ve gutted out the back room for our brand-new TrackMan Simulator, opening November 1st (which can’t come soon enough with the way the weather looks). Here are some of the changes from last year:

  1. Projector and Screen

Last year we hit into a net and watched the ball flight on the TV screen. This year, we’re hitting into a large screen with an image of the course/range. This will obviously offer a much more immersive experience. You TrackMan numbers will show up on a different TV display so you can monitor the quality of your shots.

This isn’t ours but it will look somewhat similar.

  1. TrackMan

We used a SkyTrak launch monitor last year, and while it was fairly accurate, we’ve upgraded to the most advanced launch monitor ever made. TrackMan is the gold standard for Tour players, Top 100 instructors, clubfitters and golf industry leaders. The numbers you see while watching PGA and LPGA Tour broadcasts often come from TrackMan.

  1. Surround Sound

To make the simulator experience more immersive than ever, the room will have surround sound. Feel free to play music, or just listen to the natural sounds the golf course software offers. You can also watch/listen to any games or TV shows you may want to watch.

  1. New Mat

While the hitting mat we had last year was OK, it got worn down through a lot of use. We’re upgrading to a more durable and realistic-feeling mat. This will give you a better sense of the quality of your shot and won’t allow you to “cheat” your results as much (this makes you a better player!).

  1. More Comfort

With lounge chairs, tables, more TVs and more space we’re able to offer an awesome setting for your next get-together. Birthday parties, corporate outings, big-game nights and more are welcome.

Last year those who don’t play much golf might have felt a little uncomfortable as the SkyTrak sat fairly close to the ball. With TrackMan you don’t have to worry about hitting the device as it sits behind the golfer.

We’re obviously excited to get up-and-running. Stay tuned to your email and Facebook as we’ll be offering some awesome deals and memberships as we get closer to opening. Let’s hope we can get in a few more great days of outdoor golf, but if not an awesome indoor golf experience is right around the corner!