Various Happenings as We Approach the Season


Unless you’re in Hawaii, Arizona, American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands (and we’re jealous if you are), tomorrow we spring forward and hit the home stretch toward summer. I’m sure we’re all ready for flip flops and sunshine as nature keeps beating us over the head with the horrid “wintry mix.”


I wanted to take some time to update you on a few changes we’ve recently implemented at Hart Ranch. Obviously there have been some developments in the last year, but we’re looking forward to keeping Hart the amazing place to play it has always been, as well as adding some new features and events to liven up the atmosphere and give everyone the chance to keep up with their games in the winter.


New Website –


Hopefully you’re reading this on our updated site, but if not, take a second and visit to see some convenient new features. Here you can book tee times, purchase monthly passes as well as HartSmart and HartLite, see golf course and lesson information and peruse this world-renowned blog (not true). Our 2017 Event Calendar is also available, and you can now import it directly into your phone.


Golf Simulator –


Many of you have had a chance to check out the simulator and perhaps play, so hopefully your game is in a little better shape than at this time last year. We’ve gotten a good response on the sim, and will probably be adding leagues and other fun events next winter. It generally takes one player 45 minutes – 1 hour to play 18, two players an hour and a half, and four players 2 – 2 1/2 hours. If you haven’t had a chance to golf indoors, give us a call at (605) 341-5703 and we’d be more than happy to make you a time.


New POS System –


While this might pertain more to us in the shop and at the O.C., there are some benefits to our new iPad-based POS system for you as well. If you choose, we can keep your credit card on file so you don’t need it on you to make purchases. We can also check you in from anywhere on the course, so you don’t always need to wait in line at the counter. At the O.C., you’ll be able to start tabs and again won’t have to wait in line for the computer to open up. Everything is now paperless, so all receipts will be emailed to you (if you so choose). Everything will be faster and more efficient, and our computer won’t freeze for 10 minutes on Saturday morning while your friends are waiting for you on the tee.


Men’s AND Women’s Leagues –


We’ve had Men’s League running for a couple seasons now, but we’re also implementing a Women’s League this year. Please contact us in the golf shop or email for more info.


Friday Night Derby –


For 8 weeks in the heart of summer we’ll run a two-person, alternate-shot derby on Friday nights. There is no commitment or sign-up, just let us know you want to play early in the day and we’ll have a spot for you. If you haven’t played a derby before, it’s a crazy-fun format where teams drop off on each hole and only two are left by the 9th hole. We’ll put up more info on the website shortly.


Fall Tournament Series –
This fall we’ll run the Retribution of the Ranch, 3-Stick and Heaven and Hell tournaments. These are entertaining formats that give a new spin on golf (and will teach you a thing or two about your game). In 2017 we’re adding a FedEx Cup-style format to the events, where you’ll accumulate points if you play in all three. The winner will receive a special prize at the end.

As always, our goal is to give you the best experience possible and make Hart Ranch the finest place to golf in the Black Hills. We’re now open every day, so feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns. Can’t wait for the season and look forward to seeing you at Hart Ranch this summer!