Yoga on the Green

Do you know any golfers who’ve held the same handicap index for years, decades or generations? Know anyone who plays a lot but never seem to get better, no matter how much practice time they put in, lessons they take or clubs they buy?

The truth is that while all the above can certainly help, there comes a point when the body will simply not allow a player to consistently do what it takes to hit a golf ball long and straight. Even the umm… heftier players on professional tours tend to be extremely strong and flexible (even if they don’t always look it).

While any exercise is fantastic, and we would of course encourage you to continue with any regimen you’re on, there’s one all-encompassing form of exercise we can guarantee is great for golf: yoga.

Here are just a few of the many benefits yoga offers:

• Increased Range of Motion and Flexibility
• Decreased Pain
• Increased Endurance
• Decreased Weight
• Increased Strength
• Decreased Flab
• Increased Balance and Stability
• Decreased Signs of Aging
• Increased Focus
• Decreased Tension

If getting healthier and therefore better at golf (OK, you might still need lessons or a clubfitting) interests you, join us on August 11th and 25th at 5:45am (you can do it!) for a little Yoga on the Green. Teresa Parker from Sol Vibe will be at Hart Ranch GC to lead an outdoor Sunrise Yoga class in our beautiful setting.

The cost for each class is $10 for Hart Ranch GC and Sol Vibe Members or $15 for public (click the links to purchase online). This might be just the breakthrough you need for your game…see you bright and early at Hart Ranch!